Order Import

Create multiple orders by batch import with our excel templates. We have two excel templates available for different services:

1. OrderTemplate: for all services except DPD.

2. ezDPDOrderTemplate: This template only works for our ezEuro DPD services (Home,Business,Home_L,Business_L)


Case 1 (Order Import with no error)

After selecting your excel file, the system will do a pre-check to run through your data. You will see a message showing that the data has passed validation. 

Click on the “Import” button to save your orders.


Case 2 (Order Import with errors)

If any errors were detected by the system, you can download the excel, modify, and import again until it passes data validation.


The system will single out the failed rows. Click on the “Download” link in the error message to modify the failed rows. There is no need to re-import the rows that were already successfully imported.