Order Pickup (Local Pickup)

Our new pickup request function supports two kinds of services, 1) local pickup service and 2) overseas pickup service. We can pickup the parcel from your local/overseas address and deliver your parcel to the consignee. 


Local Pickup Service

1. Select the orders that need pickup service and press the “Pickup” button


2. Input pickup info and click on the “Send Pickup Request” button

Pickup Date & time: our pickup team will arrange the pickup service according to your chosen time slot

Pickup Address: if you are a first time user of this service, please enter the pickup address manually. For future pickup orders, you can simply select addresses that have been previously entered from the dropdown menu 


3. After we receive and confirm your pickup request, our CS team will contact you and arrange the pickup service 

4. Pickup List includes all your pickup requests so you can easily check the status of your pickup request

Tracking events include:

  • Waiting to Pickup
  • Partial Pickup
  • All Pickup