Shopify API & Password

1. Login to your Shopify store

2. Click “Apps” and then Click “Manage private apps”

3. Click “Create new private app”

4. Enter the “Private app name” and “Emergency developer email”

5. Click “Show inactive Admin API permissions”

6. Scroll down and select “Read and write” for “Order, transactions and fulfillments”

7. Choose “2020-07 (Latest)” for the Webhook API version and then click “Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API” and then save

8. “Create private app” notification will be popped up and then click “Create app”

9. Private app created successfully

10. API Key and password will be generated for input back to Hub-ez API ID and Password

  • In the example URL, it can be decomposed into three components, 1. APIKEY, 2. Password, 3. Storename
  • For example: https://
  • These three items will be the corresponding entry in the Hub-ez Mystore function, Store Setup pop-up page Store, Api Key, Password, Store Name correspondingly.