What is Hub-Ez?

Welcome to join us in the home of original logistic connectivity hub operation system Hub-Ez, dedicated for all our valuable current/potential customers around the world who could experience and manage comprehensive pivotal functions of this digitalization which provides ultimate easy-access one-stop logistic service solution precisely customized to various possible scenario anywhere at any time.

Hub-Ez was born of fundamental perspective from our customers which not only double secures the efficiency and effectiveness of the system operation flow, but also spices up our customers’ mutual interests based on system reliable sourcing. 

Manage all your shipments through one portal.


  • Label Printing
    you can print labels individually or in bulk for your orders to be processed.
  • Address Book
    create your address book as you go, and save time for more important things by doing less data entry.
  • Track and Trace
    once your shipment has been exported, you can monitor the statuses of your orders and keep track of them.
  • Dashboard
    keep track of all your orders and see useful analytics in a simple to use dashboard report which is automatically generated for you.
  • Tailor-made APIs
    Hub-Ez has flexible APIs, which can connect & integrate with different logistics systems.