Shipping to Taiwan

  • Worldwide acceptance 
  • Label printing at origin
  • 1 Injection Point: TPE (Taipei)
  • Commercial customs clearance
Shipping options

ezTaiwan Service list.

Service Code: TWETKTW

Final mile delivery to Taiwan, 2 – 4 working days transit

Commercial customs clearance in Taipei


Service Code: TWHCTTW

Final mile delivery to Taiwan, 2 – 3 working days transit

Commercial customs clearance in Taipei


International Shipping

Shipping Guide.

Customs clearance for international shipping can be slow especially when you don’t have the right documentation so always make sure  to prepare beforehand to expedite the process!

Hub-ez can automatically generate for you:

You will need to provide manually if required:

Prohibited Commodities

NOT acceptable for transport overseas under any circumstances
  • Animals & Animal Products
  • Plants & Plant Products
  • Any Item(s) prohibited by any law, regulations or statute
  • Counterfeit & Pirated goods or materials
  • Currency & Bullions
  • Dangerous Goods, Hazardous or Combustibles Materials including Asbestos
  • Illegal Drugs or Narcotics
  • Firearms & Parts thereof, Weapons including Swords and Ammunition
  • Human Remains including Ashes
  • Dangerous Liquids
  • Perishable Items that require temperature control or special handling
  • Pornography

Restricted Commodities

MAY be acceptable under certain conditions
  • Antiques, Fine Arts or Works of Art
  • Collectible and/or Irreplaceable Items
  • Drugs & Pharmaceutical Products
  • Furs / Ivory / Endangered Animal Products
  • Industrial Diamonds / Carbons
  • Medical Samples e.g. diagnostic specimens, blood tissue samples
  • Precious Metals & Stones
  • Movie Coupons, Tickets & Vouchers
  • Non-DG Liquids with paperwork proof subjected to approval by local CX
  • License-controlled Medicines
  • Lithium Batteries subjected to approval by local CX & IATA DG regulations
Partnering with Hurricane to translate the complex into the simple

Duty & tax calculator.

The duty and tax payable can be very complex and time consuming dependent on the country, item category and the declared shipment value. So we’ve translated the complex into the simple by providing a built-in duty & tax calculator that shows the total cost for you, partnering with Hurricane Commerce to provide customers the best-in-class technology to ensure seamless cross-border trade